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Class of 2021 Graduation is just around the corner! Our children have been through so many heartaches and life struggles since the 2018 campfire. They have fought hard to keep up the spirit and do their best to move forward despite the obstacles in each of their lives. I hope this graduation will be a memorable event with excitement and anticipation of a new adventure that awaits every one of our students. They have worked so hard for this very moment in time, and deserve only the very best!

Congratulations, Class of 2020, may you push hard to achieve your heart's desire and never settle for anything less than the very best that this life has to offer you.

Paradise Is Still Home To The Bobcats!


On November 8, 2018, our beautiful community of Paradise became overtaken by the worst fire in California’s history. Players were forced to evacuate, leaving many of them homeless. Several of the players had not been back to the area since that devastating day.


With determination and a strong will to succeed, the players found a way to meet for practices creating a strong team where nothing could stand in their way!


It was an emotional day for the Bobcat varsity football team, as well as for their fans. As we all eagerly awaited the team to take the field, you could feel the high spirits and hear the sounds of cheers from over 5,000 people. As the players made their way down the bleachers onto the field, carrying the American Flag, the crowd went wild!

Their opponents, Williams High (Colusa County) gave a bended knee showing the utmost respect and presented Paradise with a banner that read: “One Team. One Dream.”


It was an Exciting night for Everyone!

Paradise went over and beyond their expectations, winning the visiting team by 42 - 0. As crowds cheered, flags raised high, tears of joy ran down my cheek, I knew without a doubt, that what Paradise once was will come back Paradise Strong!


Paradise continues to make an awesome comeback as they heal and rise above the ashes...



End of Season for the Bobcats

One year after the deadly fire ripped through our home town, the Bobcats finally came to the end of their long and successful season. The dream season of the Paradise Bobcats ended abruptly Saturday in a 20-7 loss to Sutter Union in the Northern Section Division 3 championship game at River Valley High in Yuba City.


It was the 1st loss in the 13 seasons as the Bobcats played like Champions in the steady rain and cold weather. Despite their loss in the final game, they remain Champions! Their community spirit, willingness to keep going, despite losing their homes, have shown that no matter what the circumstances you must stay true to what is most important, stay strong, and NEVER Give up! The entire team fought the good fight and will remain WINNERS to all of us and the ones who cheered them on game after game. Together we are Butte Strong!



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