On November 8, 2018, a spark ignited a fire in the Pulga area of California. The wind raged out of control with speeds of over 50 mph, fueling the flames destroying everything in its' path. The towns of Concow, Paradise, and Magalia were overtaken by the deadly fire as men, women, and children were forced out of their homes, running for their lives.  With narrow streets and no exits,  some people became trapped with nowhere to go, and others took any means possible to flee our once beautiful communities of over 30,000 people.


As the campfire raged through our community for many days, everyone prayed there would be something left of what most had worked all their lives to build. As the fire burned out and the dust settled, it was shocking to discover there was nearly nothing left but devastation at every turn. Homes, Restaurants, Shops, Churches, many businesses had all but disappeared. Our lives, our hopes, and dreams became nothing more than a struggle for survival.


Many of us in Paradise and surrounding areas are still struggling to rebuild our lives and coping with the many challenges we face each and every day.


I am a web designer and entrepreneur who worked with local businesses, some for over 15 years. Tragically most of  my clients lost their businesses and moved out of the area, or had severe smoke damage due to the 2018 camp fire. My son who had a high end Thrift Store several years ago decided to close his shop and sell Online. Most of the items on Paradise Strong comes from the shop or items I have picked up to sale over the years.


We only sale quality used or new items! I take lots of photos to show off the merchandise, and if there is a known flaw, I will also add that to the description. We sell our items at very LOW prices! Although some collectible items may seem expensive, I take the time to research items to give a fair price.


Thank you for helping to support my small business and providing encouragement to go on another day. I appreciate you!

"Nothing is broken beyond repair."


 As we walk through the ashes of our "home sweet home", tears fill our eyes and our heart begins to ache. Just as it seems we cannot take another step, a hand reaches out and helps ease the burdens of our soul.


Local Resident

Working Together To Make A Difference!


This website will provide several outlets for people like myself who are struggling to make ends meet and wish to sell their items on-line.


If you are an Artist, crafter, jewelry maker, clothing designer, or have new or gently used items that you would like to place on Shop Paradise Strong, please contact us via email. We are always glad to help another survivor.



I will be adding Resources for Camp Fire Survivors.

Businesses Referrals for Survivors

Local Home Business Listings - Please contact me if you would like to be added to the local business listing.

Local News and Survivor Events

Wish List for Survivors Looking To Replace Lost Items | Please contact me if you would like to start a wish list.


If you have a suggestion for the Paradise Strong website that you believe would benefit our community, please contact paradisestrongonline@yahoo.com

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